Lapis Lazuli: Healing Properties and Uses

lapis lazuli

Lapis Lazuli: Healing Properties and Uses


Uses: Lapis Lazuli is used to ward off psychic attacks.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Element: Water

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius 

Colour: Deep blue flecked with gold

Birthstone: September


Lapis lazuli, often simply referred to as lapis, is a vivid blue metamorphic rock that has been used as a gemstone and ornamental material for thousands of years. It is composed mainly of minerals lazurite, calcite, and pyrite, along with other trace minerals. The primary component, lazurite, is responsible for the distinctive deep blue colour. 

In addition to its aesthetic and cultural significance, lapis lazuli is also believed by some to have metaphysical properties. It is thought to promote wisdom, creativity, and inner peace.


Here are some of the common healing properties associated with lapis lazuli:

  1. Enhancing Communication: Lapis lazuli is often thought to promote clear communication, both in terms of expressing oneself and in understanding the communication of others. It's believed to help improve relationships by encouraging honest and open dialogue.

  2. Wisdom and Inner Truth: Lapis lazuli is associated with enhancing wisdom, intuition, and self-awareness. It's believed to help individuals connect with their inner truth and gain deeper insights into themselves and their surroundings.

  3. Stress Relief: Lapis lazuli is said to have a calming and soothing effect on the mind. It's believed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and emotional turmoil, promoting a sense of serenity and tranquility.

  4. Creativity and Expression: Some people believe that lapis lazuli can stimulate creativity and help individuals express their ideas and emotions more effectively. It's often used by artists and writers for inspiration.

  5. Throat Chakra Activation: In certain holistic practices, lapis lazuli is associated with the throat chakra, which is believed to be the center of communication and self-expression. It's thought that lapis can help balance and activate this chakra.

  6. Physical Healing: While not scientifically proven, lapis lazuli is sometimes associated with promoting physical healing. It's believed to have a positive impact on issues related to the throat, respiratory system, and immune system.

  7. Spiritual Growth: Lapis lazuli is linked with spiritual development and self-discovery. It's believed to aid in meditation and connecting with higher states of consciousness.

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The use of lapis lazuli for its potential metaphysical and healing properties can vary depending on personal beliefs and practices. Here are some common ways people use lapis lazuli:

  1. Jewelry: Wearing lapis lazuli as jewelry is a popular way to keep it close to your body. Common choices include lapis lazuli necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. This allows the stone to be in direct contact with your skin, which some believe enhances its energetic influence.

  2. Meditation: Lapis lazuli can be held or placed near you during meditation sessions. Some individuals believe that its energy can help facilitate deeper meditation and spiritual exploration.

  3. Carrying a Tumbled Stone: Carrying a small tumbled lapis lazuli stone in your pocket or purse is a convenient way to keep its energy with you throughout the day.

  4. Placement in the Home: Placing lapis lazuli on an altar or in specific areas of your home or workspace is believed by some to help create a positive and harmonious environment. Some people place it near their throat chakra area to promote clear communication.

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There are several techniques to determine the authenticity of your Lapis Lazuli. To begin with, examine the stone closely. A genuine Lapis Lazuli will display imperfections and carry hints of other minerals, such as the distinctive golden specks of pyrite and white veining.

Additionally, its colour and texture will exhibit non-uniformity, as each gemstone possesses its own distinct characteristics. True Lapis Lazuli should feel cool to the touch, in contrast to fake counterparts made from glass, which might warm up in your hands.


Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli

Blending Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli offers a primary advantage: the heightened enhancement of spiritual consciousness and intuition. Renowned for its capacity to strengthen spiritual ties and foster spiritual development, Amethyst unlocks the Crown Chakra, forging a profound connection with elevated realms and profound spiritual sagacity.

Conversely, Lapis Lazuli triggers the activation of the Third Eye Chakra, which governs intuition and internal insight. As these two crystals unite, their energies meld harmoniously, forging a potent alliance that magnifies psychic aptitude, intuition, and the revelation of spiritual truths.

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Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli

Pairing Labradorite and Lapis Lazuli can result in a synergistic combination that offers a range of benefits for the mind, spirit, and energy balance.

Labradorite is known for its iridescent play of colours and its connection to intuition and protection, while Lapis Lazuli is renowned for its deep blue hue and association with communication and inner wisdom.

When used together, these stones can amplify each other's properties and create a harmonious energetic blend.

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