Gift Sets

We've created the perfect blend of beauty and well-being with our Healing Crystal Gift Sets. These thoughtfully curated sets are designed to bring joy, balance, and positive energy into your life.

Each set includes a stunning gemstone bracelet, a carefully selected healing crystal, and a lava bead bracelet for aromatherapy infusion. It's a trifecta of natural beauty and holistic wellness.

The healing crystal in each set is handpicked for its unique properties, offering you the metaphysical benefits that resonate with your journey.

Add your favourite essential oils to the lava bead bracelet for an extra layer of holistic healing. Carry your chosen scent with you throughout the day and embrace the power of aromatherapy.

Our Healing Crystal Gift Sets make wonderful gifts for loved ones or a special treat for yourself. Share the gift of well-being, positivity, and beauty with these thoughtfully curated sets, exclusively available at Essential Jewelry 4U. Start your holistic journey today!